[OPE-L] Hiring of labour-power?

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Sun Dec 12 2004 - 12:30:30 EST

Do others have answers to Jurriaan's question?
In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Hiring of labour-power?
From:    "Jurriaan Bendien" <andromeda246@hetnet.nl>
Date:    Sun, December 12, 2004 11:36 am


I have a small query maybe you can help me with. In Capital, Marx argues
that essentially the wage-contract means that labour-power is purchased,
not  labour-time; thus, the relation between the wage and work-time is a
formality, it does not describe the substance of the economic exchange.
However, authors such as Geoffrey Hodgson (Capitalism, Value and
Exploitation) and Alexander Gersch (On the theory of economic exchange)
object that labour-power is not purchased (bought) but "hired". I wonder
whether any author has serious investigated this distinction conceptually,
 and the implications of the two different views?



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