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World Forum of Intellectuals and Artists in Venezuela Ends

By Robin Nieto - Venezuelanalysis.com

Monday, 06 December 2004

In his closing remarks to the World Gathering of Intellectuals and
Artists In Defence of Humanity, Venezuela's president Chávez noted  the
need to study the original principles of socialism and said he  agreed
with Trotsky's theses in his "Permanent Revolution" book that  there are
no national solutions to global problems.
World Forum of Intellectuals and Artists in Venezuela Ends with
Pledge of Permanent Anti-Globalization Office in Venezuela
By: Robin Nieto - Venezuelanalysis.com

Caracas, December 6, 2004--The World Forum of Intellectuals and
Artists in Defense of Humanity closed yesterday with words from
Argentine Nobel peace prize laureate, Adolfo Perez Esquivel and
President Hugo Chavez and a concert that included Cuban music legend,
Pablo Milanes.
President Chavez pledged to provide an office and resources in
Venezuela to initiate a "network of networks" of social organizations  and
institutions around the world working to build alternative models  of
development in the face in globalization.
Chavez made the announcement at last night's event, which took place  in
downtown Caracas, was free of charge, and attended by the
approximately 350 intellectuals and artists, Venezuelan government
cabinet members, and over two thousand spectators.
Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Nobel peace prize winner for his work in
raising the issue of human rights violations in Latin America, read  the
final conclusions of the forum, entitled "The Caracas
Declaration." The declaration outlines the need to build a front of
global resistance against the project of domination that today is  imposed
by the current government of the United States of America and  global
organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the
International Monetary Fund (IMF).
"Let's get to work intensely," Chavez said. "Let's put the ideas
concluded at this forum to work, let's make it a reality."
The office for the network of networks is be started in 2005 in
Venezuela that will connect the five continents of the world,
America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania, and will include the
widest possible participation. "Let' s take this network everywhere  we
go, in the valleys, the mountains, the barrios, the workplace, the  study
halls, the military barracks and extend this network across the  planet
Earth," said Chavez.
Chavez noted the need to study the original principles of socialism  as
well as its errors. The President of the one of the world's
largest exporters of oil referred to the importance of early 20th  Century
Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky's ideas, embodied in "The  Permanent
Revolution" and how it explains that there are no national  solutions to
global problems, referring to the need for a global
effort to deal with today's challenges.
Chavez warmly greeted the families of "the Cuban Five," referring to  five
Cuban men imprisoned in the United States, accused of espionage  for their
role in participating in anti-terrorism monitoring of
extreme right-wing groups in Miami. The five are currently serving  life
sentences in the U.S. and families are touring the country as  part of an
international campaign to free their relatives
President Chavez also announced the inauguration today of the
Bolivarian Peoples Congress, which coincides with Chavez's first
electoral victory of December 6, 1998, when he won the presidency of
Venezuela. "This was the day that opened this path, thanks to the
consciousness of the people," Chavez said.

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