[OPE-L] gold and the struggle against US and European imperialism

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 09:11:13 EST

Claus, Akira, Paul B (and everyone else),

A.  As you know, the world's largest accumulation of gold is 
located in the vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Interestingly, most of that gold belongs to central banks 
in Europe.  Most of the gold owned by the US is stored at the
Fort Knox Bullion Depository in Kentucky.

B. Unless I have misunderstood your position(s), you claim
that gold remains the money commodity and this is
essential for the operation of the capitalist monetary system,
and hence capitalism (and, of course, imperialism).

C. Suppose that two (perhaps 'dirty') bombs were detonated
in NYC and Kentucky [*NB: especially to archives readers and
FBI and CIA agents (!), I am not proposing that anyone do this!*]
which either destroyed the gold at those locations or rendered
it value-less (by nuking it).  Think of this as a kind of Anti-
Capitalist 'Goldfinger'  thought experiment.

D.  OK, so what is the impact of C. on US and European
imperialism?  Could US imperialism possibly retain its
dominant position in the world capitalist economy -- from 
*your* perspective -- without that gold?  What about German, 
French and UK imperialism?  Will they suffer a lethal blow --
from *your* perspective -- as a result of the bombings?

E.  Suppose that someone (not necessarily you) claimed that 
US and European imperialism _would_ suffer a lethal -- or near-lethal 
-- blow if those 2 sites were bombed.  Wouldn't the logic of
that position suggest that if one is committed to the struggle
against capitalism and imperialism then one should 'pick
up the bomb' and engage in isolated, strategically-directed
attacks *against gold* ?  

In solidarity, Jerry

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