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Date: Wed Dec 01 2004 - 18:36:18 EST

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Subject: call for papers: conference in Vietnam
From:    "Erwin Marquit" <marqu002@UMN.EDU>
Date:    Wed, December 1, 2004 6:27 pm

Call for Conference Papers and Participation

Consequences of the Changing World Economy for Class Relations, Ideology,
and Culture
Hanoi, Vietnam, 9–11 January 2006

Sponsored by the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy and the journal,
NST: Nature, Society, and Thought

This international conference will be embedded in a study tour 5–19
January 2006. The tour will offer unusual opportunities for encountering
current Vietnamese life in many aspects and for learning about the
socialist transformation of economic, political, and cultural conditions
in several regions of Vietnam. Participants may take the study tour
without attending the conference (visits, talks, and excursions will be
planned for conference days).

Estimated cost per participant including airfare from U.S. cities is
$3200. Space limited—$200 refundable deposit will secure your place.

Conference attendees may submit a paper for presentation or take part in
the discussions without giving a paper. Submissions: While longer papers
will be considered for future publication, a presentation version not
exceeding 1800 words should be sent by e-mail to <marqu002@umn.edu> before
1 September 2005. Acceptance notifications will be sent as early as
possible—no later than 1 October 2005.
Send deposit (payable to NST) or inquiries to:
NST, Univ. of Minnesota, 116 Church Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455-0112,
USA 612-922-7993; marqu002@umn.edu
see http://umn.edu/home/marqu002 for updates

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