(OPE-L) Derrida

From: Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 09:28:00 EST

Thanks Ajit.  I tried searching for that interview on the Net,
but so far no luck.  I did come across an informative essay
in which Derrida's position on Marx and Marxism (especially
'open marxism') is discussed.  See Pradip Basu's
"Postmodernism -- an Enemy of Marxism?" at

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: on  Michael Sprinkler, deceased, see

> I think he is referring to an Interview with Michael
> Sprinker, which was published in a book edited by him.
> I don't remember the title of the book now. Actually,
> if I remember it correctly, in that interview Derrida
> had said that Althusser and the Althusserians were the
> only Marxists he could have a conversation with, rest
> of the Marxists he characterised as "retards"! Cheers,

> > Does anyone know where and when the interview with
> > Derrida in
> > which, according to Callincos, he said that "he was
> > intimidated by
> > the dogmatism of Althusser and his pupils" was
> > published?

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