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marx across curriculum

Call For Papers and Proposals
Marxism Across the Curriculum: Pedagogies of First Encounters
Andrew Kurtz (Bowling Green State University) and
Susan Feiner (University of Southern Maine)

We invite papers for inclusion in an edited volume that considers the range of pedagogical issues that arise when student in introductory, required, or service courses first encounter Marxism and/or Marxist concepts.

The idea for this volume emerged from a set of exciting discussions during the international conference Marxism and the World Stage at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Scholars and activists from a variety of fields and with a range of perspectives on Marxism found that we had much to learn from each other as we worked to locate, explain, and analyze the practices we use to bring Marxism's often difficult, alien, or downright frightening perspectives into our college classrooms.

As the title of this project suggests, we believe that there are professors in virtually all disciplines who regularly use the concepts, tools, and perspectives of Marxian analysis in their classes, not just those typically associated with Marxist studies (e.g., literature, economics, history, philosophy, and cultural studies). Papers and proposals from all areas are welcome. Contributions should discuss classroom practices and consider such things as:

  a.. The problems that arise when introducing Marxism to beginning students, 
  b.. The techniques and learning strategies that help students with limited critical literacy "translate" Marx, 
  c.. The primary and secondary texts that are especially useful, and strategies for helping your students read them, 
  d.. How do institutional characteristics like open admissions, general education requirements, and the structure of majors/professional programs affect the use of Marxism in college classrooms?
 We encourage submissions from scholars in all fields, including:

  a.. The natural sciences, 
  b.. Those who find a place for Marx in strictly delineated "content-based" courses, 
  c.. Scholars in professional and pre-professional programs, 
  d.. Scholars who use Marx to question the veracity of disciplinary boundaries.

We anticipate a collection of essays that faculty in all disciplines and at all types of post-secondary institutions will find helpful. In addition to longer theoretical/analytical essays, we are looking for shorter "how-to" essays that describe and discuss the full range of classroom practices, including assignments, written work, and student assessment.

Deadline for abstracts (500 words): January 15, 2005
Please submit your abstract to either
Andrew Kurtz (kurtz@bgnet.bgsu.edu)
Susan Feiner (sffein@usm.maine.edu)


Susan Feiner
Director of Women's Studies
Associate Professor of Economics
University of Southern Maine
Portland, ME 04103
Office: 207 780 4966
Fax: 207-780-5532
Home: 207 846 5213

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