(OPE-L) EAEPE membership brings additional JOIE

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Date: Fri Nov 05 2004 - 11:16:23 EST

Former listmember Jim Devine recently remarked on PEN-L that
he considers Marxian political economy to be a type of
institutionalist economics.  In any event, there are some advantages
to joining EAEPE which Geoff Hodgson describes below.  What
is the appeal, I wonder, of institutionalist economics to former

In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: EAEPE membership brings additional JOIE

EAEPE membership brings additional JOIE

Join EAEPE in 2005 and obtain the first volume of the new Journal of Institutional Economics (JOIE) (published by Cambridge University Press) free of charge!

The EAEPE Council has decided to finance the distribution of the 2005 volume of JOIE to all 2005 EAEPE members. Your may register your 2005 EAEPE membership now.

Annual membership of EAEPE costs 60 euros (at the Ordinary Rate). The print-only subscription to JOIE for other individuals in 2005 will be 30GBP.

EAEPE offers you furthermore:
       Access to the 'membership only' part of the EAEPE web site
       A voice at the annual conference (the next EAEPE conference will be in Bremen, Germany in November 2005)
       The possibility to promote your research area with access to the EAEPE research area seminars and web site forums
       The EAEPE Newsletter twice a year
       A reduced price for the EAEPE volumes published in collaboration with Edward Elgar Publishing
       A reduced subscription rate to journals as the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Industrial and Corporate Change, International review of Applied Economics, Review of International Political Economy and the Review of Political Economy
       The possibility to publish a special theme volume in the EAEPE series of Edward Elgar Publishing 
There are many reasons to join EAEPE for 2005! To join EAEPE, please mail, email or fax the attached form to the following address:

EAEPE Administrator, CHIMES
Rotterdam School of Management
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Room F3-77
P.O. Box 1738
The Netherlands

Fax: 0031 10 40 89 638
Email: abartels@fbk.eur.nl

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