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Hi Jerry.

I am organising in December a conference on Rosa Luxemburg. If you  find
it worthwhile, you may communicate the programme as it is now to  the
list. Of course, people willing to come and listen are welcome.  Since
there were some people who had to renounce participation, the  conference
has even some room for more papers to be presented. So, if  by chance
there are some people having ready good work on Luxemburg  (unfortunately,
no possibility to pay the travel), they can send me a  proposal in the
usual format. After the preliminary programme below,  under the heading
"missing papers", people may find the topics which  were originally on the
programme, and now are not because speakers  had to decline the
invitation, topics on which I am particularly
interested in contributions.


Like a candle burning at both ends.
Rosa Luxemburg and the Critique of Political Economy
Department of Economics
Faculty of Economics
University of Bergamo
Bergamo, 16-18 December 2004
Bergamo, Italy

Thursday December 16

RICCARDO BELLOFIORE (University of Bergamo, Italy)
Rosa Luxemburg on Capitalist Dynamics, Distribution, and Effective  Demand

PAUL ZAREMBKA (University of Buffalo, USA)
The Production of Value in Light of Rosa Luxemburg's Legacy

Rosa Luxemburg: the woman, the revolutionary

EDOARDA MASI (Istituto Orientale, Napoli, Italy)
MARIA GRAZIA MERIGGI (UniversitÓ di Bergamo, Italy)

Workers struggles, Social Movements, the Party and the Critique of
Capitalism: Which Actuality for Rosa Luxemburg at the Beginning of  the
XXI century?

GIANNI RINALDINI (General Secretary of FIOM-CGIL, Italy)
FAUSTO BERTINOTTI (Secretary of Rifondazione Comunista, Italy)
LUCIO MAGRI (Editor of La rivista del manifesto, Italy)

Friday December 17

TADEUSZ KOWALIK (Institute of Economics of the Polish Academy of
Sciences, Poland)
Rosa Luxemburg and Michal Kalecki: two similar concepts of capitalism

JOSEPH HALEVI (University of Sydney, Australia)
Rosa Luxemburg and Paul M. Sweezy on militarism and globalisation

ANDREW B. TRIGG (Open University, Milton Keynes, UK)
Where does the money come from? Rosa Luxemburg and the Marxian
Reproduction Schema

JAN TOPOROWSKI (University of Cambridge, UK)
Rosa Luxemburg and finance

HE PING (Department of Philosophy, Wuhan University, The People's
Republic of China)
Rosa Luxemburg's The Accumulation of Capital: East and West

Rosa Luxemburg on Imperialism: Some Issues of Substance and Method

PAUL MATTICK jr (Adelphi University, New York, USA)
Economics, Politics and Crisis Theory: Luxemburg, Bukharin and
Grossmann on the Limits of Capital

ANDREA PANACCIONE (Fondazione Brodolini, Roma, Italy)
Luxemburg on Trade Unions and the Party. The Polemics with Kautsky  and
Lenin: An Assessment

Saturday December18

MICHAEL KRAETKE (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Rosa Luxemburg's Theory of Wages

(University of Bergamo, Italy) -:
A Forgotten Thread: Rosa Luxemburg on Small Firms and Innovation

Luxemburg's Critique of Marx's Schemes of Reproduction: A
Re-evaluation and a Possible Generalisation


"Missing" papers

Accumulation and effective demand: Rosa Luxemburg and Joan Robinson

Globalisation and Developing Country Markets:  Relevance of Luxemburg  to
current debates

Rosa Luxemburg's Influence on the Latin American Theories of
Development, Dependence, and Imperialism: Reassessing the Debate with  a
New Perspective

What is Economics? Rosa Luxemburg on the End of Political Economy

Dialectics of Communal Forms: Recently Discovered Writings by Rosa
Luxemburg on Pre-Capitalist Societies

The Accumulation of Capital for the 21st Century: Rosa Luxemburg and  the
New Frontiers of Political Economy


Riccardo Bellofiore
Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche
"Hyman P. Minsky"
UniversitÓ di Bergamo
Via dei Caniana 2
I-24127 Bergamo, Italy
e-mail:   riccardo.bellofiore@unibg.it
direct    +39-035-2052545
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fax:      +39 035 2052549
homepage: http://wwwesterni.unibg.it/dse/homepage/bellofiore.htm

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