Capitalism and Satanism

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Mon Oct 25 2004 - 08:46:07 EDT

Colleagues may wish to look at a story in today's "Guardian" about a sailor
in the British Navy who has asked for permission to worship the devil on board
 his ship (permission has been granted).

The most interesting point about this story is the description of Satanism
provided in the paper (colleagues may wish to check if Satanist websites
confirm  this interpretation):

"Proponents say there is no one Satanic doctrine, rather a variety of
beliefs that centre on the tenets that there are no gods, that materialism and
self-indulgence are good, and stupidity is very, very bad.

"Satanists do not view Satan as a deity or 'a big red bloke with horns'. He
is seen to embody characteristics that Satanists say are in keeping with human
 nature, such as pride, individuality, indulgence, ambition, carnal desire
and  self-interest. While other religions see these traits as sinful, Satanism
acknowledges them as human'."

---Isn't it interesting how Satanism seems to accept all the  principles of
neoclassical economics - rationality, self-interest,  non-satiation, etc, and
they also claim that these are ahistorical human traits.  Curious, isn't it?


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