Venezuela: The Transition from Columbus Day to Indian Resistance Day...

From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 23:12:27 EDT

[Imagine a world in which many more countries got to this point!  Maybe 
this essay is exaggerated, but, hey, maybe not...!  Paul]

Venezuela: The Transition from Columbus Day to Indian Resistance Day...

By Franz J.T. Lee,

Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2004, Narco News

The oligarchic "opposition" and its national mass media have no respect for 
anything: currently,  Radio Caracas TV (RCTV) is preparing commercials for 
its mind-controlled adherents to celebrate  "Día de la Raza" (Colombus Day) 
next Tuesday -- October 12, 2004.

This big lie, this hoax ... about the 'discovery' of America by Christopher 
Columbus, still infects the minds of millions in Latin America.

Although the name of this public holiday has officially been changed to the 
'Dia de la Resistencia Indigena' by the Bolivarian Government,  the mass 
media continues their mind control, indoctrination and manipulation -- with 
a trans-historic European Mental Holocaust launched against the peoples of 
the Americas and elsewhere.

Columbus was not among the first to know that the earth was round ... the 
ancient Mediterranean peoples already had this knowledge.  He did not 
'discover' America ... already centuries before, the Africans had fleets 
that crossed the Atlantic and they had a vivid, healthy, trans-cultural 
intercourse with the American indigenous peoples. Their artefacts and 
traces of their ancient cultures can be found all over Central America.

    * Based on their maritime knowledge and astronomic maps, Columbus 
organized his own infamous travels ... and he knew exactly where he was 
sailing. In fact, in his own diary he confirmed the African presence in 

What the oligarchic Latin American ruling classes are still celebrating 
these days is the beginning of the Conquest ... of the pillage and 
genocide, that their forefathers had disseminated in the 'New World.'

Columbus himself confirmed the capitalist aims of his voyages: "to sum up 
the great profits of this voyage, I am able to promise, for a trifling 
assistance from your Majesties, any quantity of gold, drugs, cotton, 
mastic, aloe, and as many slaves for maritime service as your Majesties may 
stand in need of."

In this way, he launched the "Bermuda Triangle" of the World Market, the 
international division of labor, that would eventually blood-suck the whole 
continent ... especially Central and South America.

In reality, Governor Columbus had discovered nothing ... on the contrary, 
he was the first to introduce a European, feudalist, absolutist 
'government' in the Western Hemisphere, accompanied by brutal institutions 
of slavery.

Fray Bartolome de las Casas documented the horrors perpetrated by him ... 
for example, gambling to see who had the remarkable quality of perfectly 
cutting a slave in half with one stroke of the sword. This is the kind of 
atrocity, that the Venezuelan opposition is still celebrating till this 
day. In this way, Columbus' government was the first to institute an active 
onslaught of brutality against the native peoples.

Now, what are the masters of this world really celebrating on Columbus Day 
... in fact, on the first Labor Day of the Americas?

    * On a world scale, have over 5 billion obsolete manual labor slaves 
really something to be joyful about?
    * Are we celebrating our discovery by Europeans to be massacred 
    * To be told that we are inferior races?
    * Are we celebrating the victories of alienated labor and capital in 
the Americas?

At least, here in Venezuela, the Bolivarians will be celebrating their 
victories over golpism, sabotage, racism and fascism, generated by Big 
Brother and his local lackeys on a global scale.

However, what are slave labor, wage slavery and exploited labor forces all 
about? Are they really things to celebrate?

Precisely these are the things that Columbus brought to America.

For those who have studied capitalism and imperialism in the Americas, it 
is no secret at all that the source of metropolitan wealth, of power and of 
so-called progress is simply exploited physical and/or intellectual human 
labor-force. It is also amply known that it is labor-force, and not labor 
in itself, which is the generator of capital, wealth, power and 
giga-Profits ... but at the same time, also of the production of arms of 
mass destruction, of most horrible and abominable misery and poverty.

Like elsewhere, ever since the days of the 'Discovery' here in the 
Americas, all social problems revolve around the phenomenon of labor ... 
exploited labor force.

Not to take this universal fact into account in Venezuela, Latin America, 
Africa and the Caribbean is equivalent to not to understand that precisely 
by means of ruthless economic exploitation of fundamentally physical labor 
forces, millions of pauperized and dehumanized peoples ... also in the 
diaspora ... have already for centuries been heinously plundered, murdered 
by ruthless, oligarchic elites.

And they will still be pillaged mercilessly for many decades to come; that 
is, if we do not urgently change this current world order. Many of our 
indigenous peoples are already rooted out; in Africa, only a handful of 
BaThwa or San ... the so-called 'Bushmen' ... survived colonial and 
apartheid conquest.

In Europe, ever since the XII century until today, the process of labor, 
production, transformed itself progressively into industrial labor and 
eventually into corporate capital that dominates and determines all current 
global events, including Bush' Economic World War.

Today, as a result of the profound crisis of corporate capitalism, the 
matter is even more grave, grave-like. Consequently, the only way to 
annihilate the quintessence of current labor production is to transcend its 
economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination 
(racism), fascist militarization and terrorist dehumanization (alienation). 
This can only be accomplished by global resistance, by world revolution, 
that transcends toward global emancipation, not of slaves, but of humanity 

    What happened on the first "Day of the Race" in America ... what occurs 
on earth, in the universe, in the Clouds of Magellan ... have nothing 
whatsoever to do with bourgeois ethics, with religious norms, metaphysical 
formal-logic,  fake human rights, racist absolute evil, fascist infinite 
justice etc.

Excluding all our authentic, sacred, indigenous beliefs and values, all of 
them are fantastic inventions of ruling class, megalomaniac, kleptocratic 
man, that were forcefully implanted into the very soil and soul of the 
Americas, to serve European colonial and imperialist interests.

We have to nurture our own Science, to cultivate our own Philosophy, and to 
make our own History.

    * However, if we just look around, we'll notice historic, emancipatory 
relations all around us. Seek and ye shall find!

Concerning the current transition, the transmutation towards the galactic 
unseen, beyond the Milky Way ... at this very moment, knowingly or 
unknowingly, the Bolivarian Revolution, objectively, subjectively and 
transjectively, finds itself in the ALBA, in the Aurora of revolutionary 

Next Tuesday ... October 12 ... thanks to Chavez' revolutionary government, 
indigenous emancipatory efforts are really something worthwhile to 
wholeheartedly celebrate!

RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY,  Paul Zarembka, editor, Elsevier Science

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