(OPE-L) Specters of Derrida

From: Gerald A. Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 08:51:13 EDT

>>>  Here is a letter to the Times about Derrida (and views of him)
written by a number of scholars in response to the vapid obituary the
times published.  <<<


It is fascinating and somewhat puzzling from the standpoint of
social psychology to ask _why_ Derrida has inspired so much
venom and hatred from some quarters.  Part of the answer might
have something to do with a tradition of debate on the Left
which often rests on the manufacture and reproduction of
straw horses (and therefore may, in part, by disingenuous)
but I think there is also an *irrational fear* at work here.  The
same could be said in general of many 'orthodox' Left reactions
to post-modernism.  If it could be said then that the bourgeoisie
is haunted by specters of Marx, it might also be claimed that
some portions of the Left will continue to be haunted by
specters of Derrida!  That is, when they are not otherwise
haunted by specters of Bohm-Bawerk, von Bortkiewicz, and

This is not to suggest that Derrida and post-modernism should
not be subjected to critique -- and deconstruction (after all, one
should deconstruct the deconstructors, right?) -- as Anders has
attempted.  So my comment above is directed at the 'Old Left'
in general rather than Anders comments specifically.

In solidarity, Jerry

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