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Among other things, note the October 9-10 conference on 
"Capital, Empire and Revolution" in London.  A # of list 
members are presenting papers./In solidarity, Jerry

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Issue 1 September, 29, 2004

Experimentation-heterodox economists are supposed to experiment with new ideas and approaches.  Following this advice, I am kind of redoing the material I send out in my e-mails.  A number of people have told me that my e-mails are so large that it clogs up their in-box.  Therefore I am doing something like the PAE Review in which I send you a cover sheet on which the various categories of material is listed-such as 'conferences, seminars, and lectures,' 'job postings for heterodox economists,' etc.-along with a website address which is http://l.web.umkc.edu/leefs/htn1.htm.  All that you need to do is to click on the website address and all the material shows up on the title of Heterodox Economics Newsletter.  I hope all of this works-my graduate assistant Ergun Meric promises me that it will.  But if you have any problems please let me and I will e-mail you the newsletter.  As for an inside peek into the Heterodox Economics Newsletter, there are some new conferences and seminars being announced as well as my Conference on Radical Economics in the 20th Century; lots of job adverts, a new book by Fabio Petri (one of my favorite heterodox Italian economists) as well as Neva Goodwin etc. important text Microeconomics in Context, a request from IDEA for contacts, and an experimental section which contain draft papers that authors ask me to distribute.


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