Re: (OPE-L) Seminar: Hilbert Space Models Commodity Exchanges by Paul Cockshott

From: Paul C (clyder@GN.APC.ORG)
Date: Sat Sep 25 2004 - 18:58:05 EDT

Gerald A. Levy wrote:

>Once again, Hi Paul C.
>A couple of _very_ minor questions on your paper:
>-- In the first para. on p. 1  there is a reference to
>subsequent empirical studies and then "2, 12, 8, 3,
>9, 11, 4" are bracketed.  This sequence is not
>based on the alphabetical order of the last
>names of the authors of those studies.  Nor (I
>checked) is it based on a historical sequence, i.e.
>the year that those studies were published.  So,
>is there any reasoning behind that sequence?
It is entirely incidental. I use Latex for the  paper and it
latex you insert  a construct like \cite{shaik} if you  want
to cite a paper. Then at the end of the paper the
you place the bibliography and put a keyword in
front of each citation. The order that the citations
appear in my list is simply the order that I thought
of the papers and put the \cite commands in the
source text. Rather careless I suppose.

>-- Later on p. 1 a para. begins "We have argued
>elsewhere [?]".    Which source does the "?" refer

The reference  shown as [?] should have been reference [1].

>In solidarity, Jerry

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