Re: Myths and Realities President Chavez and the Referendum By JAMES PETRAS

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Date: Tue Sep 07 2004 - 01:53:46 EDT

At 19:38 06/09/2004, Rakesh wrote:

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>Myths and Realities
>President Chavez and the Referendum
>Myth 5--The defeat of the referendum was a major tactical defeat of US
>imperialism and its local vassals.

Ha Ha. Under 'Myth 5':
>Chavez's commitment to centrist-reformist policies explains why he did not
>prosecute owners of the mass media who had openly called for the violent
>overthrow of his government and also why he took no judicial action against
>the association of the business leaders (FEDECAMARAS) who has incited
>military rebellion and violent attacks on the constitutional order. In
>Europe, North America and many other regions, democratically elected
>governments would have arrested, and prosecuted these elites for acts of
>violent subversion.

         Guess old one-note Jim (probably still grousing over having blamed
the coup on Chavez back on 12 April 2002 in an interview with Amy Goodman)
missed the point about the problem in the courts which ruled there wasn't a
coup (but a power vacuum) and thus no attack on the constitutional order.
No surprise in his stance, though--- not from the guy who analyzed the
"Rectification' process in Cuba as neoliberalism.
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