Re: (OPE-L) Questions About Marx's Unpublished Manuscripts

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 12:24:27 EDT

Some answers to (c) are in the introduction by 
Nicola Taylor and me to the ISMT volume, The 
Constitution of Capital, Palgrave, 2004, 
published a month ago. See below (frankly, I 
don't remember if me or somebody else gave the 
information on the list: in the event, sorry).

The section 2 of the MEGA, on the writings 
connected to Capital, should be completed for 
2010, I guess, see however


Constitution of Capital
Essays on Volume 1 of Marx's Capital Riccardo Bellofiore and Nicola Taylor
Order this title
Hardback        138mm x 216mmMarch 2004 1403907986
328 Pages       £55.00

DescriptionThe essays in this collection address 
specific themes in Volume I of Marx's Capital. 
Although the essays can be read independently, 
they present complimentary perspectives on issues 
at the cutting edge of recent scholarship on 
Marx's work. Although all Parts of Capital I are 
discussed, the book is not intended to be a 
textbook. It will be read by specialists in the 
field as well as graduate students in the history 
of economic thought, political economy and 

Contents Marx's Capital I, The Constitution of 
Capital: General Introduction; N.Taylor & 
Money and the Form of Value; C.J.Arthur
Value Objectivity Versus Habit; M.Campbell
Reconstructing Marx on Money and the Measurement of Value; N.Taylor
Productive Force and the Degree of Intensity of 
Labour: Marx's Concepts and Formalizations in the 
Middle Part of Capital I; G.Reuten
Money and Totality: Marx's Logic in Volume I of Capital; F.Moseley
Marx and the Macro-monetary Foundation of Microeconomics; R.Bellofiore
Reply to Bellofiore by F.Moseley
Rejoinder to Moseley by R.Bellofiore
Technology and History in Capitalism: Marxian and 
Neo-Schumpeterian Perspectives; T.Smith
The Social and Material Transformation of 
Production by Capital: Formal and Real 
Subsumption in Capital, Volume I; P.Murray
The Inner Mechanism of the Accumulation of 
Capital: The Acceleration Triple; G.Reuten

Author Biographies

RICCARDO BELLOFIORE is Professor of Economics at 
the University of Bergamo, Italy. He wrote a book 
on the Italian Marxist scholar Claudio Napoleoni 
(1991), and edited a collection on Piero Sraffa 
(1986) - both in Italian. He acted as guest 
editor of a special issue of the International 
Journal of Political Economy on 'Marxian Theory': 
The Italian Debate (1997). He also edited: 
Marxian Economics: A Reappraisal (1998); Global 
Money, Capital Restructuring and the Changing 
Patterns of Labour (1999); (with Mario 
Baldassarri) Classical and Marxian Political 
Economy: A Debate on Claudio Napoleoni's Views, a 
special issue of the Rivista di Politica 
Economica (1999); and (with Piero Ferri) two 
volumes on Hyman Minsky's economics - Financial 
Keynesianism and Market Instability and Financial 
Fragility and Investment in the Capitalist 
Economy (2001).

NICOLA TAYLOR graduated with Honours in Economic 
Theory and Policy from Murdoch University, Perth, 
Western Australia, where she is currently reading 
for her doctoral dissertation. Her interests are 
in Marx's thought, economic theories of money and 
systematic dialectics. She is a new member of the 
International Symposium on Marxian Theory and has 
contributed papers to two of the group's 

At 10:38 -0400 26-05-2004, Gerald A. Levy wrote:
>Jurriaan wrote:
>>  As Agnus Maddison noted, Marx wrote about 12,000 pages of
>>  unpublished manuscripts in total ....
>I wonder:
>a) How many pages of manuscripts by Marx have _still_ not been
>published?  E.g. does Maddison's figure _include_ or _exclude_  the
>Paris Manuscripts of 1844, the Economic Manuscripts of 1857-58,
>the drafts that were published posthumously by Engels as Volumes II
>and III of _Capital_ and the manuscripts on the history of
>economic thought later  edited and published as _Theories of Surplus
>Value_ by Kautsky,  his mathematical manuscripts, marginal notes on
>Wagner, etc.?
>b) For whatever quantity of manuscripts that remain unpublished,
>what are the reasons? E.g. are they in a form that makes publishing
>very difficult?  Is there a shortage of finance and labour to do the editing
>and publishing? Or what?
>c) What are the plans for publishing the remaining manuscripts?
>When can we expect the remaining works to be published (and
>in what languages)?
>  In solidarity, Jerry
>  Ernesto wrote:
>>  By the way, Marx studied the Ciompi revolutioin and, so it seems, he
>>  considered it as the first modern proletarian revolution (but I am not
>>   sure of this). His notes are unpublished and I could not read them.

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