(OPE-L) Questions About Marx's Unpublished Manuscripts

From: Gerald A. Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 10:38:58 EDT

Jurriaan wrote:

> As Agnus Maddison noted, Marx wrote about 12,000 pages of
> unpublished manuscripts in total ....

I wonder:

a) How many pages of manuscripts by Marx have _still_ not been
published?  E.g. does Maddison's figure _include_ or _exclude_  the
Paris Manuscripts of 1844, the Economic Manuscripts of 1857-58,
the drafts that were published posthumously by Engels as Volumes II
and III of _Capital_ and the manuscripts on the history of
economic thought later  edited and published as _Theories of Surplus
Value_ by Kautsky,  his mathematical manuscripts, marginal notes on
Wagner, etc.?

b) For whatever quantity of manuscripts that remain unpublished,
what are the reasons? E.g. are they in a form that makes publishing
very difficult?  Is there a shortage of finance and labour to do the editing
and publishing? Or what?

c) What are the plans for publishing the remaining manuscripts?
When can we expect the remaining works to be published (and
in what languages)?

 In solidarity, Jerry

 Ernesto wrote:
> By the way, Marx studied the Ciompi revolutioin and, so it seems, he
> considered it as the first modern proletarian revolution (but I am not
>  sure of this). His notes are unpublished and I could not read them.

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