Re: on money

From: ajit sinha (sinha_a99@YAHOO.COM)
Date: Wed May 26 2004 - 03:52:21 EDT

--- Rakesh Bhandari <rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU> wrote:
 You are free of course to critique
> what I actually
> say as vigorously as you wish, but do note that you
> hardly commented
> on what I did write in my first post on money. It
> was at the least
> thought provoking in that I lifted some dense
> formulations from Marx,
> Colletti and Wolff and reworked them here and there.
>   You only
> offered your (mis-)interpretation of what Marx was
> actually saying.
Fair enough! I did not comment on what you wrote is
simply because that does not interest me. I thought my
intervention was needed on the quotation from Marx
because Marxists usually accept whatever Marx had
written as "must be right". I was pointing out that
that quotation from Marx was not making sense. I don't
know whether you have seen it or not, but in my recent
paper, 'Some Critical Reflections on Marx's theory of
value' published in Westra and Zuege (eds.) VALUE AND
THE WORLD ECONOMY TODAY, I have taken up many of
Marx's quotations that have been generally used in
support of the so-called various streams of
alternative Marxist interpretation of value theory and
have shown that they lead to dead ends. So let me cut
through the chase and go to the bottom line of this
Rakesh: Adding concrete labor labors never yields
Ajit: Then please tell us what "yields" numerical
measure of value of any commodity?
Rakesh:  socially necessary ABSTRACT labor time.
Ajit: And how "Socially necessary ABSTRACT labor time"
is measured? Cheers, ajit sinha

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