Re: Primitive accumulation

From: Michael Williams (michaelj.williams@TISCALI.CO.UK)
Date: Tue May 25 2004 - 05:25:41 EDT

This interesting thread petered out some time ago, and I have no time to
re-start it, but I came across this quote from Marx that seems relevant to
the issue as to whether primitive accumulation is ongoing after capitalism
is established:

"The conditions and presuppositions ot the becoming, of the arising, of
capital presuppose precisely that it is not yet in being but merely in
becorning; they therefore disappear as real capital arises, capital which
itself, on the basis of its own reality, posits the conditions for its
realization" (Marx (1973), Grundrisse: Foundations of the Critique of
Political Economy. Trans. Martin Nicolaus.Harmondsworth, England:
Penguin:459 (cited in Bertell Ollman (2003) Dance of the Dialectic Urbana
and Chicago: University of Illinois Press: 119)


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