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>Marxism and Film
>There is a long and distinguished tradition of Marxist writing on film, 
>from theorist-practitioners like Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov and 
>critics like Harry Potamkin onwards. Marxist thought was instrumental in 
>the birth of Film Studies as a discipline, and despite the subsequent 
>twists and turns¡Xlinguistic, psychoanalytic, postmodernist, 
>post-theory¡Xit continues and sustains, albeit often in the nooks and 
>Historical Materialism is keen to nurture and revitalise Marxist film 
>theory and criticism. We have already published
>„h      John Roberts, ¡¥Saving Private Ryan, Realism and the Enigma of 
>Head Wounds¡¦
>„h      Mike Wayne, ¡¥A Violent Peace: Robert Guˆmdiguian¡¦s La Ville est 
>„h      Anna Kornbluh, ¡¥On the Love of Money¡¦ (on Brett Ratner¡¦s The 
>Family Man)
>„h      Alex Law and Jan Law, ¡¥Magical Urbanism: Walter Benjamin and 
>Utopian Realism in the Film Ratcatcher¡¦
>„h      Mike Wayne, ¡¥Utopianism and Film¡¦ (on Bill Forsyth¡¦s Local Hero)
>We now wish to expand the range and variety of material on film and other 
>media in our pages. We are looking for review-essays (3,000+ words) and 
>articles (7,000+words)¡Xon particular movies as well as more theoretical 
>matters¡Xplus potential reviewers of books of film..
>Editorial correspondence, suggestions for papers, queries and calls for 
>advice should go to Mark Bould at Mark.Bould@uwe.ac.uk
>Marxism and Sexuality: The Sensuous in Political and Material Contexts
>¡K.the Marxist tradition has no more influence on the modern lesbian and 
>gay movement than it deserves. Gay Marxists who are encouraged by their 
>straight comrades and leaders to shun the very real gains won since the 
>GLF by an autonomous lesbian and gay movement are being seduced into an 
>essentially heterosexist project where gay issues are sidelined. Edge S 
>(1995) With Friends Like These: Marxism and Gay Politics London: Cassell p 
>Not all discourse on the relationship between Marxism and sexuality and 
>sexual politics is as damning, but the paucity and marginalised 
>contribution of Marxist theory and politics to the theory and politics of 
>sexuality is striking. The study of sex and sexuality has been colonised 
>by post-structuralist, micro-sociologist, non-Marxist feminist, 
>psychoanalytical and empiricist traditions. Historical Materialism seeks 
>to redress the balance in proposing to publish a special edition devoted 
>to the theme of 'Marxism and Sexuality: The Sensuous in Political and 
>Material Contexts' in late 2005.
>Papers are sought in the following areas:
>¡E      The contribution of Marxism to the theorising or politics of 
>sexuality (for example, the work of Bernstein, Kollontai, Reich, Guerin, 
>¡E      The materialist critical analysis of sexual identities, 
>orientations, relations, acts and practices ¡V from lesbian and gay 
>identities and cultures to Bondage, Domination and Sado-Masochism, 
>Paedophilia and other forms of sexual identity, culture or practice.
>¡E      The materialist critical analysis of the politics of sexuality ¡V 
>lesbian, gay, heterosexual, bisexual, transgendered politics, movements 
>and issues in law and policy.
>¡E      Marxism in the politics of sexuality around the globe
>¡E      Critical Marxist engagements with the theorising of sexuality 
>within post-structuralism, micro-sociology, feminisms, psychoanalysis and 
>¡E      Other papers which focus on features of Marxist analyses of 
>sexuality and sexual politics.
>Editorial correspondence, suggestions for papers and calls for advice 
>should go to Paul Reynolds ¡V reynoldp@edgehill.ac.uk. The project is 
>already at the commissioning stage so early expressions of interest in 
>contributing would be very welcome.

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