Re: (OPE-L) can the sum of avg. profit + rent be greater than the sum of s?

From: Paul C (clyder@GN.APC.ORG)
Date: Tue May 18 2004 - 16:15:24 EDT

glevy@PRATT.EDU wrote:

>An interesting question for discussion, perhaps -- and one
>that I don't recall us discussing.  A question that could be asked
>here is whether *credit* and *fictitious capital* (taken togther with
>profit + rent) can and do represent a greater magnitude than the sum of
>surplus-value _or_ whether credit and fictitious capital represent a
>_redivision_ of s among capitalists?

This is a category error. Credit and fictitious capital are stocks
evaluated in money. Surplus
value is a  flow, which can also be represented in money. A flow has a
free variable in the
time period over which it is measured. By varying this one can make it
larger or small than
any specified stock. Thus there will always exist a time period t, which
if taken as the base
period will give a flow per unit t that is greater than any specified
stock x.

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