(OPE-L) admissions procedure

From: OPE-L Administrator (ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 20:54:13 EDT

Re the list procedure re admissions:

We don't make or discuss recommendations on the list in fairness to the
people being recommended.  However, I can explain again the
list procedure.

The procedure begins when a list member makes a recommendation to
a member of the AC or myself.  It is then shared with the other members.
We then discuss the question.  In some cases, we agree that someone else
on the list should be asked for an opinion.  Our discussions are speeded
when we all know the person being recommended and especially when
the member making a recommendation provides sufficient motivation,
documentation and references for the proposed candidate.  If  any
member wants to make a recommendation, then I strongly urge them
to motivate the candidate as fully as possible and to at least provide
us with an email address for that person.  I also strongly encourage
them to read the criteria that we use when considering recommendations
(explained in the report noted below)  and to speak to those criteria
when making recommendations.

Our discussions _can_ take time, especially if one of the 2-3 AC members
or myself  is on vacation or attending a conference, etc.   A certain
time lag is the price you pay when a ctte makes decisions by consensus.
In the end, we make a decision on the basis of consensus.  We sometimes
have disagreements (as is to be expected) but no one has ever officially
"blocked" consensus to prevent someone from being admitted and
no one ever threatened to resign if someone was either not invited _or_

The criteria that we use in considering recommendations, and our entire
admissions policy,  is spelled out in detail in a statement by the AC to
the list sent on April 10, 2002 [OPE-L:6958]. Our admissions procedure
is therefore quite transparent.

When an invitation is made it can sometimes be months before someone
gets back to us.  After all, the people being invited can also be away
from their email for months at a time if they are on vacation or
attending conferences, etc.  Sometimes people are invited and they never
reply. It happens.

All of this is time-consuming. The members of the AC, including past
member Alfredo, deserve a lot of credit for the time and effort that
they have devoted to this process. One should remember that all of this
activity by the AC and myself is unpaid activity. I  think the list
should be grateful for the administrative service(s) that we perform for
the list.

After someone makes a recommendation, whether we get back to the
person making the recommendation is a matter of discretion.  We
have no firm policy about that.  More often,  after a recommendation
goes before the AC for consideration, the first the original person who
made the recommendation hears about what happened is when
s/he reads the welcoming message. Of course, there is nothing which
prevents a list member who has made a recommendation from asking
an AC member or myself _off-list_ for a status report.

In solidarity, Jerry

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