Re: (OPE-L) Re: Rakesh's Suggestion

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 19:08:43 EDT

>To begin with, EVERY SINGLE WORD that I wrote earlier
>in my "PS" was ENTIRELY ACCURATE.  And I don't
>appreciate being called a "liar" when the facts show that not
>to be true.

right. the facts are on your side. Sure. You weren't lying, sure.

>NEXT, this was a PRIVATE off-list message which I addressed
>to Paul Z which you did not ask if you could share with the list.
>This would be unacceptable behavior on ANY list.

So you are saying that I should not use offlist evidence to prove
that I am not the prevaricator that you say that I am? Give it up,

>NEXT, I cc'd both members of the AC, as well as Rakesh.
>NEITHER member of the AC objected to the content of
>my message.

Nor did they agree. But more importantly you announced what you would
do before they approved. What an advisory committee!

>NEXT, note that Rakesh's claim (repeated in 2 separate posts
>yesterday) that I threatened to "intercept" his posts is NOT

Sure, you did not use the word "intercept".

>NEXT, what Rakesh did not tell you was what he suggested
>that we do about Paul Z.

OK so you had the posts, so you did know that you had threatened to
intercept my posts!  You hadn't forgotten. You were hoping that I did
not have them or would not refer to them since they were offlist.
That is why you thought you could get away with accusing me of
purveying falsehoods. I hope the list sees how you operate.
Dishonest. That should be clear.

I said that if anyone should be silenced (if not booted), that should
be Paul Z for insinuating that I am a fascist Trotskyist agent of
imperialism. Paul denied that is what he insinuated, but then never
did clarify what he meant to imply. We should be able to have a
debate without the  Stalinist methods of character assasination,
don't you agree? Well there are those on this list who don't agree. I
know that.  You then said that Paul Z had only insinuated that I was
a supporter of imperialism, and this was after I had forwarded a
article on how Chavez had treated imperialist capital in downstream
operations with kid gloves! I said your interpretation made no sense
since I had also defended Chavez's use of force to suppress a right
wing coup.  You then broke off the discussion, and promised to get
back to me about my complaint about mis use of your power as list
despot to silence me. You never did.

But you did tell the list that I am lying about your threat to
intercept my posts.

Really, Levy, give it up.


>In solidarity, Jerry
>>  just so that everyone knows that you are a liar, here is the record:
>>  X-Sieve: CMU Sieve 2.2
>>  Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 14:38:01 -0500 (EST)
>>  Subject: Re: OFF-LIST from OPE-L?
>>  From: <>
>>  To: <>
>>  X-Priority: 3
>>  Importance: Normal
>>  Cc: <>, <>, <>,
>>           <>
>>  Paul and others:
>>  Yes, RB knew that this topic was to be taken off-list but
>>  he posted on-list anyway.  That's _twice_ that he has posted on-list
>>  on this subject after being informed that it was to be discussed
>>  off-list.
>>  So now let me make me make it CLEAR that if it happens again,
>>  then I _WILL_  use my "administrative authority" [!] to ensure that
>>  it is NOT discussed again on-list.

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