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From: Michael Perelman (michael@ECST.CSUCHICO.EDU)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 17:14:27 EDT

The Economic Report of the President suggest that they should be classified as
manufacturing workers!!!

On Mon, May 17, 2004 at 08:26:41AM -0400, Gerald A. Levy wrote:
> Hi Mike L.
> > That's not the issue--- it's whether the macworker is in the sphere of
> > production or the sphere of circulation.
> If that's the issue, then I'd have to say that [most] macworkers are in
> the sphere of production.  They transform the use-value of food by
> cooking and preparing it so that it becomes distinctly different
> commodities.  They are also wage-workers who are employed by
> capital.  Why wouldn't we consider them to be productive of surplus
> value?
> While it is true that the spheres of production and circulation can
> both exist within a single location (in this case, a local MacDonalds
> franchise) and while it is true that some of the same workers may
> work in both spheres (e.g. there can be job rotation whereby some
> hours individual workers perform labor in the kitchen and other
> hours their labor can be performed a few steps away entirely at a
> cash register) most workers and most labor hours are engaged
> in something more than distributing commodities by means of money.
> As with just about any capitalist firm, some proportion of the wage-
> labor force is _not_ productive of surplus value, however.
> Is this particularly controversial?  Don't other list members believe
> that [most] macworkers are productive?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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