Re: (OPE-L) Re: Advisory Committee

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 16:57:30 EDT

>Rakesh, evidently, has refused my 1 week offer.
>>  Note that Levy was forced to appoint  an advisory
>>  committee because of the problems that Paul and others
>>  had over his handling of TSS.
>As with just about all of the rest of Rakesh's recent statements,
>this is not correct.  I was not "forced" to support Alfredo's

The point is that you would never have accepted an advisory committee
if others were not quitting and Paul Z had not made it a condition
for staying. It was an attempt to save your despotic power. After
Kliman had quit the list you went on to call Kliman a gardener,
commented on the title of his paper and forwarded his criticism of
the Brecht forum. This is what you call moderation. This behavior
seems unhinged to me, and it prevents people other than Kliman from
rejoining the list.

>  The factual record  (both the on-list record and the
>off-list record) shows that I _welcomed_  his proposal.

As long as you had veto power over who was on the advisory
committee--don't you remember. Which is now defunct anyway. So you're
back in the saddle again. We should at the least have a new group of
three that determines new admissions. You should have nothing to do
with it. You seem to have controlled that aspect of the list for nine
years. Even if the advisory committee was involved for some months,
it seems to be no longer. So you have unilateral power here tooo.
Give it up.

>  If
>you don't believe me, *ask him*.  The fact is that the AC would
>not have been created without my wholehearted and public support
>-- as indeed Alfredo made clear in his original post suggesting
>a Ctte.
>Yesterday, he wrote:
>>  The discussion is pretty much dead all the time.
>That was an insult to the entire list and especially all those who
>have participated in on-list discussions in recent months.
>In any event, if that's how he feels about this list then he
>shouldn't have returned to it a couple of days ago.

The list could be a lot better. I won't be overposting anymore.  I
have a couple of days to express my frustration with the mendacious
moderator; then I have to get back to work and soon my first baby. So
that's why the flurry of posts.

>*Note that not a single list member has, so far, supported
>Rakesh's suggestion that the AC  appoint another

Again give us the list of the people who quit over your moderation.

>If Rakesh _really_ wants to hear what others on the list
>think about these issues then he will accept my offer -- which
>I will make once again -- for us _both_ to be silent on these
>issues for a week.

No I shall express my opinion and clarify my thoughts. Or will you
use your administrative authority?


>In solidarity, Jerry

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