(OPE-L) Re: Rakesh's Suggestion

From: Gerald A. Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 05:31:11 EDT

If Rakesh wants others on the list to state their perspectives on
his suggestion that the Advisory Committee appoint someone else
as "moderator", then he will accept my good faith suggestion that
we _both_ not reply to posts that are written on the issue of
moderation for 1 week.

If he accepts that suggestion, then we can both hear from other
members about this topic _and_ have substantive discussions on
other (non-procedural) topics.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: The claim that I threatened to "intercept" his posts is blatantly
false and malicious. Had he known anything at all about the
configuration of this list then he would know that I do not even have
the power technically to "intercept" posts.  Unlike a "moderated" list,
where posts are approved by the moderator prior to distribution, this
list is -- and has always been -- configured so that all messages by
subscribers sent to the list  address are _automatically_ distributed
directly to the list.

Moreover, no subscriber in list history has ever been involuntarily

Moreover, while I could set someone's mail to "No Mail", I have
never done so against a subscriber's will _and_ even if I had, a
subscriber would have the technical ability with a simple command
to re-set her or his mail so that she or he would again receive mailings.
I have explained how members can re-set your mailing options on many
occasions to the entire list so it is no secret.

Moreover,  had I exercised these powers -- which I never have --
I would be answerable to the Advisory Committee and ultimately
to the list.

Moreover,  not only don't I have the power to "intercept" his
posts, I never threatened to do so.

> Nor do I think I have the
> disposition to be one that can unilaterally determine when someone's
> posts should be intercepted. Levy should not have that power either.

> At any rate,  the people who have supported Levy so far include one
> person of whom Levy said he was an acolyte (Williams' systematic
> dialectics), another person who has been deeply critical of TSS
> (Mohun), and another person who has been at war with me over the
> evidence of Chavez's revolutionary credentials (Lebowitz).

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