Re: P.S re Venezuela

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Mon May 17 2004 - 00:33:32 EDT

Snipping away my other criticisms of Levy, Lebowitz wrote:

>At 20:11 16/05/2004, Rakesh wrote re Jerry:
>         I can't say I followed either of these discussions so can't
>comment. In any event, as such they are irrelevant to the question of
>Jerry's administrative function. Rakesh's comment, though, reminds me that
>I wasn't too excited by his form of debate in relation to Venezuela several
>months back; no sweat, I'm a big boy.

Fine but I am not administrator. Nor do I think I have the
disposition to be one that can unilaterally determine when someone's
posts should be intercepted. Levy should not have that power either.

>         However, some folks who followed that discussion may be interested
>to know that addressing a demonstration today called to protest foreign
>intervention (touched off by the fluke discovery last Saturday of the
>Colombian paramilitaries training on a ranch owned by a Cuban emigre who
>has been actively calling for a coup), Chavez indicated that the revolution
>has entered a new phase-- one explicitly anti-imperialist-- and announced
>that in this situation it is necessary to arm the people.

As usual, you are basing your argument for Chavez's revolutionary
credentials on selective and thin evidence. Exactly to whom do you
expect this to be persuasive? The third step would be to arm the
people by your own account. It's not even revolutionary rhetoric. One
can of course defend the desirability of  squashing any right wing
coup without at the same time agreeing that his regime is a
revolutionary one. And with oil prices high, Chavez will be able to
cover up a lot of problems.

At any rate,  the people who have supported Levy so far include one
person of whom Levy said he was an acolyte (Williams' systematic
dialectics), another person who has been deeply critical of TSS
(Mohun), and another person who has been at war with me over the
evidence of Chavez's revolutionary credentials (Lebowitz).

Yet perhaps 5 to 10 people quit the list over Levy's moderation. So
far more active critics than active supporters of Levy moderating the
list for a tenth year.

Can't we be informed of all those who quit in protest over Levy's moderation?

Why can't we have a change? Levy has alienated me; he has alienated
others. Is this a life time position?


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