Re: (OPE-L) Rakesh's suggestion

From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 15:11:07 EDT

         I'm not certain exactly what Rakesh is objecting to--- other than
Jerry's tenure (and, if that's the sole question, I'm certain he'd want
Fidel to be long gone). From my perspective, the main role that Jerry plays
is as a catalyst--- regularly raising new issues and questions. (Rakesh has
played a very good role in this respect, too.) He doesn't really moderate
as far as I can see (e.g., is much less hands-on than Michael Perelman on
Pen-l--- that crowd can get pretty unruly at times). Other than that,
Jerry's role seems to be one of introducing new people. Am I missing
something? Has someone been excluded or thrown off the list by Jerry's
unilateral action?
         For the record, I'm quite happy with what I observe Jerry to be
doing, and I find that discussions on the list suffer every summer (when he
is off sailing)-- ie., when we are without his role.
         in solidarity,

At 13:24 16/05/2004, you wrote:
> >  I am sure that most of those OPE-L'ers who are thankful or
> > moderately thankful for your administration would agree that nine
> > years from any one person is enough, that administration should be
> > rotated, and that the advisory committee should appoint someone new.
>You are sure, are you?
>Why don't we let list members *speak for themselves* without replies
>from *either one of us*?  That is, I think you would have to agree that
>list members will be more forthcoming in stating their perspectives
>if they know that _both_ of us will read what they write without our
>responding immediately to what they wrote.  I propose that we _both_
>are silent on this question for *one week* while we _listen_ to what others
>*** Rakesh has suggested that the Advisory Committee appoint a new
>coordinator.  Who agrees with that suggestion?  Why or why not? ***
>In solidarity, Jerry

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