Re: (OPE-L) Re: old and new publishing technologies

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 14:02:55 EDT

Simon Mohun wrote:

>For what it's worth, I think that Jerry has done and is doing a fine job.

Again not the question. There are certainly those who think he has
done a fine job or moderately good job.

>I don't agree that Jerry drove the TSS school off the list.

Several people quit over his moderation. That's not in question. We
don't yet have a list of who quit in protest of his moderation. I
know the names include Julian Wells (who had only contributed
substantive posts to this list), Alejandro Ramos (whose translations
of Tugan are a true gift and whose posts were extremely stimulating),
Massimo (whose work has inspired many), Alan Freeman (whose early
debates with Foley have never been matched for depth and brilliance
on this list), perhaps Bruce Roberts?  YOu don't question the general
principle that administrative duties should be rotated and that terms
should not exceed nine years.  I wouldn't want Levy to overclaim what
you actually wrote.

>I am interested to see the TSS book has finally appeared. It doesn't
>contain some recent critiques of  the TSS interpretation of course....but I
>have heard a rumour that Alan Freeman is giving a paper to the Heterodox
>Conference this July in Leeds called 'A Reply to Mohun and Veneziani' or
>something similar, although I haven't heard anything else. Most of what
>might be interesting papers listed on the IWGVT website are 'unavailable
>for copyright reasons' - a mildly amusing outcome of a conflict between
>IWGVT principles and bourgeois law.

Why is it amusing rather than unfortunate?

Well shouldn't there be debate between Mohun and TSS representatives
on this list? Perhaps it could have the same productive outcome as
the one between Foley and Freeman and Kliman. How should the
valuation of inventories be handled? You obviously think that TSS is
important enough to criticize. My guess is that Freeman's reply will
not be without its own power. I also guess that much of the reply to
Laibman and Foley will be used in the reply to Veneziani who may not
have studied the debate in Research in Political Economy.  I
certainly don't think Foley and Laibman have dealt knock out blows to
TSS. Allin's criticism of the school's attempt to dissolve dualism
stands, in my opinion; as far as I can see, the TSS school has not
yet replied to it.That is why I am more interested in Roberts' non
dualistic analysis.


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