Re: (OPE-L) Re: old and new publishing technologies

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 12:31:53 EDT

>>  By the way, there is inter library loan and there are
>>  copying machines.
>Yes. There are also bread lines. There are homeless shelters.
>There are charities.  You sound like Scrooge. To suggest to
>students, workers and scholars that  the answer is inter-library
>loans and/or copying (which, btw, the publisher might not
>appreciate and is probably illegal) shows great insensitivity.

So the Freeman, Kliman and Wells volume has the same importance  as
food and shelter would if you were homeless? And one certainly could
not infer from your original post that you were bewailing the
inaccessibility of the volume. This is all post facto elaboration. It
seemed to be another snide and insubstantive criticism, of the sort
that has already driven many people from the list. By the way, are
you threatening to rat me out? Just to be clear: the Witt Hansen book
is long out of print, so I did not violate any copyright laws.

>>  I would think that nine years of coordinating would increase your
>>  resolve to step down. There is bound to be frustrations with anyone
>>  over that period of time.
>Indeed, there are frustrations to be expected  over that period of
>time.  That is why I am so encouraged to _stay_ as coordinator.
>There are now eighty-seven (87) members of OPE-L.  You are the
>only one (1) that has called for my resignation.  That is an _excellent_
>approval rating.

Well no several list members quit in disapproval of your moderation.
They include Alejandro, Massimo, Julian and others. Why don't you
tell us who quit because you are moderator?   Moreover, the great
majority of OPE-L members are members in name only.

>>  I would like for your posts to be queried
>>  in terms of their ethics of solidarity by someone with the
>>  administrative power that you have monopolized. I would like someone
>>  else to have the same influence on who is admitted to this list or
>>  not.
>We have an Advisory Committee.

Alfredo quit. Fred does not seem actively involved. We haven't heard
from Allin in some time. You have been running the show too long.

LBJ stepped down, so should you and Rumsfeld. More seriously, nine
years is enough. It's time to rotate.


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