Re: Freeman, Kliman, Wells eds. _The New Value Controversy

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Sun May 16 2004 - 01:39:34 EDT

>Rakesh retuned to OPE-L the other day.
>>  Levy writes:
>>  >Long overdue:
>>  Yes but worth the wait as the superb blurbs on which you cannot
>>  yourself to comment indicate.
>What _you_ can not bring yourself to note is that I was
>giving free publicity to the book. Publicity that an editor solicited
>when he sent me mailings.
>>  >As I noted in a message sent on December 10, 2001,  the 'Edward
>>  >Elgar 2002' catalog indicated that this book was to be published in
>>  >May, 2002.>
>>  Are you criticizing the work for being late?
>Noting that a book is being published late is not a criticism of the
>book itself.

Then what was the point? It certainly was not a substantive point.
Nor a point consistent with the ethos of Mr. Solidarity.

>   I think everyone on the list understood that.
>>  ps Levy, I was wondering whether you were planning on being OPE-L
>>  moderator for life? Shouldn't a Marxist have stepped down by now?
>PS to Rakesh:
>a) You can call me Jerry.
>b) You will recall how much support you received on the list the last time
>you made this suggestion.

Well we already lost several people because you are moderator.

>c)  To answer your "questions":
>i) I never intended to become, nor do I seek the title of, "moderator for

Good. Then if you do not seek it, announce your resignation.

>ii) There is no "Marxist" position on how long someone should continue
>to serve as an Internet list coordinator.
>In solidarity, Jerry

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