(OPE-L) CFP: Critical Perspectives on Third World Development

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Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 17:43:03 EDT

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Subject: [Hgs] Call for papers: Critical Perspectives on Third WorldDevelopment


Conference will be hosted by New School for Social Research in association
with Columbia University.

Neoliberal strategies of economic growth and social transformation had been
immensely popular among the ruling elite, international business and
financial circles. During the last decade, however, throughout most of the
developing world neoliberal strategies have begun to create more problems
than they were devised to solve. Today, increasing numbers of social
scientists, policy makers, politicians, and representatives of
international institutions can be observed to challenge the central
assumptions of neoclassical "free market" doctrines and their translation
into economic policy-making in the Third World. Stemming from these
challenges, alternative paradigms of development studies started to attract
scholarly attention.

Parallel to such scholarly challenges and the search for alternative
paradigms, a "movement of movements" has emerged from all around the world,
a dynamic ensemble of social movement organizations, which heterogeneously
targets and opposes the disempowering, impoverishing, immoral, harmful
effects of "globalization" on the well-being of the peoples of the
developing world.

This conference aims to address an inevitable tendency towards the
convergence of academic and political challenges (and alternatives) to
development in the Third World. We invite papers, as well as reports on
ongoing field research from graduate students who are doing critical work
on economic policy-making, state-capital-labor relations, class formations
and dynamics, cultural transformations, or the relations between economic
processes and political mobilization/demobilization in Central and South
America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.

Please send an abstract of 500 words or less to both Emrah Goker (Columbia
University, Department of Sociology, eg577@columbia.edu) and Aylin Topal
(New School University, Department of Political Science,
topaa927@newschool.edu). In your proposal, please include: Author's name,
paper title, institutional affiliation, e-mail address, telephone and fax

We are in the process of contacting a number of professors to speak at the
opening panel of this one-day conference. The rest of the panels will
include graduate student papers.

Conference Schedule:
Period for submission of abstracts  May 20, 2004
Decision on abstracts dispatched  September 1, 2004
Deadline for electronic submission of papers  September 20, 2004
Conference date October 15, 2004

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