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Long overdue:

As I noted in a message sent on December 10, 2001,  the 'Edward
Elgar 2002' catalog indicated that this book was to be published in 
May, 2002.  Has anyone actually _seen_ a copy?

Note price (US$110.00).

In solidarity, Jerry

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The New Value Controversy

and the Foundations of Economics

edited by  Alan Freeman, Andrew Kliman & Julian Wells

Contributors:  Paresh Chattopadhyay, Edward B. Chilcote, W. Paul Cockshott, Paul Cooney,  Allin F. Cottrell, Ann Davis, Massimo De Angelis, Alan Freeman, Rebecca Kalmans, Andrew Kliman, David Laibman, Ted McGlone, Stavros D. Mavroudeas, Fred Moseley, Michael Perelman, Alejandro Ramos Martinez, Bruce Roberts, Mario L. Robles-Baez, and Julian Wells

This sequel to Marx and Non-Equilibrium Economics introduces the key advances in modern value theory.  Leading authors with contrasting theoretical viewpoints debate equilibrium and non-equilibrium approaches, abstract labour and money, and provide an invaluable introduction to the rapidly growing body of new work in these fields.  

The authors cover cutting-edge topics in value theory including gender and money, crisis theory, the impact of technology, skilled and complex labour, and the effect of international transfers of value.

 All papers concentrate on new research.  The mathematical content is minimal, allowing both active researchers and new students to introduce themselves to the burgeoning critical reappraisal of the foundations of Twentieth Century economic thinking.


"Marxian value theory has experienced a new surge of interest, interpretations, and dispute since the end of the Cold War.  A considerable amount of this dispute has centered on the Temporal Single-System Interpretation (TSSI).  This volume brings together in one place most of the leading participants in these discussions, . [providing] comprehensive coverage of this debate ..  This is clearly the definitive volume on controversies over Marxian value theory available at this time."                             -- J. Barkley Rosser, Jr., James Madison University, USA


 "This book assembles - in an impressively undogmatic and theoretically self-conscious way - an excellent set of mutually engaged articles.  Well chosen to highlight the central claims and debates surrounding them, the articles document the dramatic recent renewal of Marxian value theories, extend them provocatively to important issues, and thereby effectively challenge Marxian economics' censorious exclusion from the academic mainstream."

-- Richard D. Wolff, University of Massachusetts, USA


"This rich set of essays breathes new life into Marxian economics by demonstrating the range and veracity of Marx's theory of value as well as a steadfast commitment to open dialogue and fair-minded debate on these fundamental issues.  As practiced here, value theory is a vehicle for rigorous analysis and conversation within and across paradigms.  This alone is an enormous contribution to heterodox economics and to contemporary economics at large, where questions of value are enduringly central yet rarely discussed in a cogent and pluralistic manner."

-- Robert F. Garnett, Texas Christian University, USA


 well focused debate over the key issue in Marx's economics by some of the world's leading Marxist economists.  I can't think of a better way (or work) to introduce students to the intricacies of Marx's value theory and the controversies it has spawned.  Highly recommended!"

-- Bertell Ollman, New York University, USA


 February 2004  Edward Elgar Publishing  

319 + xx pgs.  69.95 or $110

17 papers + editors' introduction, IWGVT Scholarship Guidelines, bibliography, and index





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