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Andriana Vlachou is trying to save her Marxist courses from the chopping block.  She would like to know if there are any economic undergraduate or graduate programs/majors/degrees in which a course in Marxism is a required course.  Please reply directly to her-her e-mail address is Vlachou@aueb.gr.  She is in a hurry to get any info that would help her.


Fred Lee



From: Andriana Vlachou [mailto:vlachou@aueb.gr] 
Sent: Saturday, March 27, 2004 3:41 AM
To: Lee, Frederic
Subject: courses


Dear Fred Lee,


I am still in the middle of a struggle over saving the Marxian courses I teach. The information that you send me in the past was quite useful in strengthening my arguments. 


Several students made a proposal to change at least one of the two courses into an oblogatory one -an aggressive tactic in order to save at least the courses - and, of course, I came out  with the same proposal in the faculty meeting. Naturally, the question raised was "where, on earth, are Marxian economics an obligatory course?" I replied in Japan. I did not have any further information.  

For the sake of argumentation, could you help in this? Are there any other universities in the West offering Marxian courses as obligatory?


Thank you very much.


With best wishes



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