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From: Reuten, G.A.T.M. (G.A.T.M.Reuten@UVA.NL)
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 14:58:28 EST

Very sorry. Wrong button. This was for Michael Williams. (Nevertheless: other contributors or attendants to INEM welcome!)
Geert Reuten

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Subject: value & money

Dear Michael,
Attached a paper on Marx's theory of value that has been an eye-opener for myself. Although it is already in the pipeline, I will work on it further in the near future expanding it. So comments are welcome.
I leave tomorrow for a conference in Naples on Marx's work (paper based in the enclosed).

Another issue. INEM is an association on economic methodology (see 2nd attach.). Its conference is end of August in Amsterdam. Would you want to contribute to a session on Systematic Dialectics? (Thoughts on other potential contributors?) [Deadline can be overdrawn.]



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