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Gloves Off March/April 2004 

Our newly expanded editorial board invites you to consider the state of the global justice movement in our March/April 2004 edition, Perspectives on the Global Justice Movement.

Anti-globalization or anti-imperialist? 
If any uncertainty remained in the minds of most of the world’s people after the World Social Forums in 2002 and 2003 as to the perspective of the global justice movement on this question, then surely the worldwide, coordinated demonstrations against the American war on Iraq last year erased that doubt. Or did it?

In the articles and conversations that make up our Perspectives on the Global Justice Movement feature, we present views from Latin America, Europe and the US on the future, the challenges, and the contraditions facing the movement.

• Brazilian socialist militant and sociologist—Emir Sader—talks about the World Social Forum, neoliberalism, imperialism, NGOs and the Lula government in an interview we call A Brazilian Perspective.

• Italian Marxist economist Giovanni Mazzetti, one of the most influential thinkers of the Italian Left, offers his perspective on the limitations and contradictions facing the movement today in his interview with Gloves Off, Social Amnesia in the Movement? and in his article, Where Do the Anti-Global Movements Come From?

• American cultural historian Barbara Epstein spoke with Gloves Off last September about the potential for meaningful convergence between the global justice movement, the antiwar movement, and traditional labor organizations in the US in the interview, The Global Justice Movement: A New Left? 

In two weeks we will publish Perspectives on the Global Justice Movement: Part Two, with a historical look at the US global justice movement and a photo essay special report.

In solidarity,

The Editorial Collective of Gloves Off
Sara Burke, Paul Cooney, Melissa Mahoney, Claudio Puty and Joe Smith

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