Re: (OPE-L) Bertell Ollman's Critique of Systematic Dialectics

From: Michael Williams (michaelj.williams@TISCALI.CO.UK)
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 17:18:47 EST

Generally I am content to leave it to others to attach whatever label they
like to my work. And I have no space in which to enter a substantial
discussion now. Just let me say that my present stance would bracket
(Husserl) the distinction between idealism and materialism (that is note it,
and try to move on without relying on it) in the guises in which it appears
in Marxist discourse


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> Subject: (OPE-L) Bertell Ollman's Critique of Systematic Dialectics
> Hi Chris.
> > Ollman's paper has already been reprinted in his new book 
> Dance of the 
> > Dialectic.  I can send you a brief review I did of it if 
> you wish. I 
> > make most of your points.
> Yes, I'd like to see it.
> > My only disagreement with your mail is that Smith and I do not call 
> > ourselves 'materialist dialectics' nor would I wish so to be called.
> Fair enough.  I simply wanted to note that the perspective  
> of transcendental idealism shared by Geert and Michael W in 
> _Value-Form and the State_ does not also seem to be shared by 
> Tony and yourself.  Tony and you don't consider yourselves to 
> be idealist, do you?
> In solidarity, Jerry

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