Re: (OPE-L) Remembering James F. Becker

From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 22:21:02 EST

At 18:36 16/03/2004, Jerry wrote:
>    I learned recently of the death of James F. Becker,  a
>retired member of the Economics Department faculty at New
>York University (NYU).  This came as quite a blow to me since
>he was one of the most influential mentors that I have ever had.

Thanks so much for your memories and celebration of Jim Becker, Jerry. I
also was one of Jim's students--- back when he was teaching at NYU's School
of Commerce (now Business). I remember him at the time as someone who made
economics genuinely interesting and remember in particular a course on
business cycles that he taught. I didn't think of him at the time as
especially left, though, (neither was I) and I suspect his other students
felt the same--- he just seemed an interesting and passionate teacher.
After I went off to graduate school at Wisconsin in 1960, I subsequently
realised that he had played an important role in my own development. So, I
visited him when I came back east, and discovered for the first time he was
into Marx. We'd talk on my visits to his apartment on 8 east 8th about Marx
and Veblen, and I remember his excitement as he told me about the
Grundrisse (which he had in German). I think I convinced him to publish his
article in Studies on the Left on whose board I was then. All I can
remember about the last time I saw him was that we went off to see Bertell
Ollman, who I suspect probably could tell us more about his last years.
         Thanks again, Jerry.
         in solidarity
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