(OPE-L) Dumenil and Levy, _Capital Resurgent: Roots of the NeoLiberal Revolution_

From: Gerald A. Levy (Gerald_A_Levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 23:15:59 EST

_Capital Resurgent: Roots of the NeoLiberal Revolution_
                       by  (former OPE-L members) 
                Gerard Dumenil and Dominique Levy

Published by Harvard University Press. See:

Table of Contents:

Gerard told me that the first copies were printed only 2 
days ago.

(I attended a talk tonight by Peter Flaschel at the New School, 
which was chaired by Willi Semmler.  Afterwards, I chatted
with Gerard and he told me about his book.  Then former 
OPE-L member Duncan Foley,  Gerard, Peter and I went out 
to a (good but expensive) restaurant in the West Village for a 
meal and convivial discussion.  With Duncan and Gerard eating 
at the same table I jokingly referred to it as "The 'New Solution' 
 Table."  It was a  fun evening.)

Check out Gerard's Home Page:

In solidarity, Jerry

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