Re: (OPE-L) Re: value theory journals

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@WAITROSE.COM)
Date: Mon Mar 15 2004 - 07:05:22 EST

Capital and CLass have peer review. Historical Materialism has such a huge
advisory board it amounts to peer review.
>A couple of additional questions:
>Are all of these journals peer review, or do some of them
>publish on the judgement of the editors alone?
>And for non-US and non-UK members of the list, what
>are the journals in other languages that publish on
>value theory. Ajit, might say if there is an Indian
>journal that does this for example.
>"Gerald A. Levy" wrote:
>> Paul C asked:
>> > What would participants say were the most important
>> > refereed journals covering value theory?
>> There _aren't any_ referred journals in English which focus
>> _primarily_ on value theory.
>> There are some referred journals that _occasionally_ publish
>> articles on value theory such as:
>> _Capital & Class_
>> _Historical Materialism_
>> _Review of Radical Political Economy_
>> The _Cambridge Journal of Economics_, the _Review of
>> Political Economy_, _Science & Society_, _Rethinking
>> Marxism_ and _Monthly Review_ have been known to publish
>> value-theoretic articles as well.  I guess I should mention
>> _Research in Political Economy_  even though this hardcover
>> annual volume isn't exactly a journal.
>> Why the question?  Haven't Allin and you published in most
>> of these journals already?
>> In solidarity, Jerry

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