IMF hit by bombshell

From: Philip Dunn (pscumnud@DIRCON.CO.UK)
Date: Tue Mar 09 2004 - 12:36:57 EST
IMF hit by bombshell, the fund is in uncharted waters

 "This hit the IMF like a bombshell, the fund is in uncharted waters" said a
London insider economics expert, on Germany's Horst Koehler suddenly resigning
from his post as IMF Managing Director, less than a week before the March 9
Argentina deadline, in order to put himself forward immediately as candidate
for President of Germany, even though the decision on the next German President
will not be made until May.

"Koehler dumped the announcement on them late Wednesday, and left in 24 hours.
Why the rush? It's all weird, a man deserting a post that is among the most
powerful in the world, to vie to become a figurehead, which is what the German
President is.
Usually, IMF Managing Directors have terms which have to be reviewed after five
years. This is unprecedented."

Koehler's temporary replacement is the notorious Anne ("Freddie's Mother")
Krueger, who will conduct the final discussions with Argentina.

The London insider was asked, whether it were possible, in his view, that
Koehler bailed out, in awareness that some giant crisis is coming, and he would
want to desert the ship, before it hits? He said, "Well, Argentina may be a
difficulty for the Fund and for the financial world, but if you're looking for
the really big crisis, look at the United States. A giant crisis is in the
coming there, sooner than most people think. It is now clear, that what has
been keeping the system going, is just pumping of liquidity, re-creating a
bubble in the stock market, after we've already had the bubble, the
housing bubble, and the bond bubble. 2003 is proving to have been one big
dead-cat bounce. The whole touted recovery is exposed as a sham, as we see
today, with the dollar collapsing, gold flying up."

He repeated: "The U.S. is the place to look, for where the really big crisis
will hit."

source: Rosalinda ???


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