Re: Paul M. Sweezy, 1910-2004

From: Anders Ekeland (anders.ekeland@ONLINE.NO)
Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 13:19:42 EST

Dear all,

The sad news about Paul M. Sweezy have also reached the shores of Norway. I
have been asked to write an obituary for the left wing daily paper in
Norway, "Class Struggle" (7000 copies).

Is there anyone on the list that have links to more extensive - *online*
biographies of Sweezy than the one from NYT. I also would like some short -
positive or negative appreciations of his work. Not only his economics, but
on his relation to Soviet Russia, China, Cuba, role in US left-wing
politics besides his enormous contribution in keeping MR alive and kicking.

I have studied Theories of Cap. Dev. and Monopoly Capital, but it is years
ago. I also read - years ago - comments from Mandel, Matick etc. But there
must be more recent analysis, made in light of the experiences with
capitalism in the decades that have passed since the publication of
Monopoly Capital.

I tried Google, but was drowned in not so relevant (but often interesting

All hints are welcome.

Anders Ekeland

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