From: Phil Dunn (pscumnud@DIRCON.CO.UK)
Date: Mon Feb 23 2004 - 17:41:03 EST

>Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 22:19:55 +0000
>From: Phil Dunn <pscumnud@dircon.co.uk>
>Subject: Re: (OPE-L)  Ernesto's "Damned Lies"  ?
>>"I do not agree with either the orthodox theory or
>>Screpanti's, but that is irrelevant.  It is the charge
>>of incoherence that -I would guess-  would attract the
>>'Damned Lies' bit."
>>Oh! I had not seen this one and I'm not sure who wrote
>>this. It could well be a good joke. Coherence is the
>>last thing one can find in the TSS approach to Marx or
>>for that matter anything. It is laughable that the
>>author of the above quote thinks that such a mild
>>criticism of an approach deserves to be called "dammed
>>lies". I think the TSS is not only incoherent but
>>simply nonsensical! ajit sinha

I am not sure who wrote this but if it is the same person who wrote:

I think the only way to intelectually  deal
with TSS folks is to completely ignore them--otherwise
it will be nothing but simple waste of energy

then he is not following his own precept. A case of internal
inconsistency, perhaps.

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