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On February 15 we put up Gloves Off's first birthday Manifesto --
http://www.glovesoff.org/inthering/manifesto_2004.html.  One year ago
on February 15 -- after an all-nighter to assemble and publish to the
web Gloves Off's very first web page -- we were in the frigid New York
streets saying "NO" to the war the US government was about to set in
motion against Iraq.

In the past year we've tried to present a range of critiques and
analyses of the most pressing political and economic events.  We
reprinted the transcript from George Caffentzis's February 2003 talk at
ABC No Rio, in the NYC lower east side, "No Blood For Oil: The
Political Economy of the War On Iraq."  We also interviewed George
regarding his views on OPEC, oil, and the root causes of the conflict.
We worked with an American journalist and activist -- Sonya Knox --
based in Beirut to introduce and reprint an article on "George Orwell's
America: 1984 Today," from the March 2003 issue of the Lebanese
underground magazine "Al-Yasari" (the Leftist).

We reported from Joseph Stiglitz's spring 2003 poverty workshop at the
Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs and plan to bring
our readers a major feature on the state of poverty and inequality
studies in the upcoming months.  We wanted to engage with ATTAC and so
interviewed ATTAC-involved political economist/social theorist Jamie
Morgan on "The Upside World of Neoliberal Economics."  We also talked
with political economist Nick Beams, co-editor of the "World Socialist
Web Site," about his views on US militarism, global political economy,
the anti-war movement, and where to go from here.  And we interviewed
cultural historian Barbara Epstein about the potential for meaningful
convergence between the global justice movement, the antiwar movement,
and traditional labor organizations in the US.

Now editors Claudio Puty and Sara Burke are pleased to announce that we
have expanded our editorial collective and are excited to be working
with Paul Cooney, Joseph Smith, and Melissa Mahoney on the mission we
outline in our manifesto.  We're calling for a global year of economic
and political education, and we're urging global justice and anti-war
activists to move beyond activism as an end in itself and organize to
educate the movement in the tools, theories and history of political
economy.  We hope to be a meaningful part of this educational mission!

We have a lot of plans for the coming year.  We plan to put out the
collective's first new set of features on March 20, the next global day
of action the global justice/anti-war movement is calling for.  Please
spread the word, forward this email to your friends, associates, and
comrades, and get involved.

In solidarity, the new Gloves Off collective:

Sara Burke
Paul Cooney
Melissa Mahoney
Claudio Puty
Joseph Smith

Gloves Off: bare-fisted political economy

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