(OPE-L) Conference on "Globalization, Empire and Resistance"

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Global Studies Association
Third Annual North American Conference
Friday April 23 – Sunday April 25, 2004

“Globalization, Empire and Resistance”
Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts

This spring Brandeis University will host a conference on Globalization, Empire and Resistance. This will be a progressive conference embracing a variety of critical, and radical perspectives on globalization.

You are cordially invited to join a number of leading scholars from all over the world in exploring the many effects of globalization-as well as alternative visions. There will be a number of plenary and panel sessions.

Featured Speakers:

Seymour Melman
One of America’s most respected scholars on capitalism and U.S. militarism from Columbia University
Speaking on “The Permanent War Economy”

The Authors of “Global Capitalism and American Empire”: 

Leo Panitch
Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy at York University, Toronto
Co-Editor of the Socialist Register
Speaking on “Global Capitalism and American Empire”

Sam Gindin
Packer Visiting Chair in Social Justice at York University, Toronto
Former Head of Research and Assistant to the President, Canadian Auto Workers’ Union
Speaking on “Labor Resistance in the Era of Globalization"

William Tabb
Professor of Economics at Queens College, New York
Monthly Review contributor and author of "The Amoral Elephant"
Speaking on "The Global State and Economic Institutions"

Speaking via Video Satellite from Holland:
Jose Maria Sison
Former senior research fellow and Professor at the University of the Philippines
Co-Founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines
Speaking on “War, Imperialism, and Resistance from Below”

Leslie Sklair
London School of Economics
Author of "The Transnational Capitalist Class"
Speaking on “Globalization, Imperialism and the International System”

Edna Bonacich
Professor of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego
Co-Author of "Behind the Label: Inequality in the Los Angeles Apparel Industry"
Speaking on “Labor, Immigration and Global Production”

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