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Hi Jerry, I found this paper by accident. I do not have any additional information on this issue.

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  Hi Alejandro:

  Do you -- or others on the list -- know what debates on this 
  subject have occurred in China by Marxists  _since 1989_ when 
  the article by Lichtenstein in the _Atlantic  Economic Review_  
  was published?  To what extent are they familiar with 
  contemporary debates on these topics elsewhere?

  In solidarity, Jerry
    Theories of value and price in contemporary ChineseMarxism.
    Atlantic Economic Journal; 12/1/1989; Lichtenstein, Peter M. 
    I. Introduction 
    The last decade has witnessed a liberalization of academic debate in China. I As a result, Chinese economists have begun to question the foundations of socialist theories of value and price. It is the purpose of this paper to critically examine certain aspects of these debates. 
    Section II looks at the Chinese definition of socialist commodity production," which is the organizing principle of contemporary Chinese Marxist theories of value and price. Section III explores the "equal labor exchange" theories of value, which assert that planned prices ought to be proportional to the socially necessary labor time embodied in a commodity. Section IV examines the more recent "prices of production" theory of value, which asserts that prices must deviate from these labor determined values. Section V makes some critical observations about Chinese theories of value and price. 

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