(OPE-L) Anand et al, ed. _The World Social Forum: Challenging Empires_

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Fwd: New Book On WSF: Challenging Empires

The World Social Forum: Challenging Empires
Editors: Jai Sen, Anita Anand, Arturo Escobar, Peter Waterman.

 The book includes contributions by
Arundhati Roy, Peter Waterman, Susan George, Samir Amin (interview),
 Nawal El Saadawi, Jeremy Brecher, Michael Lowy, Walden Bello, Michael
 Albert, David Graeber & many more.

 The essays are available in pdf format with the following

 A committed but critical anthology of essays on the theory and
 practice of the Forum, with essays by wo/men from many parts of the
 world, with many different points of view. This online version is
 abbreviated from the printed original, published by Viveka, New
 Delhi. This is so that it might provide a taster for the print
 version (with its extensive Documents and Resources) rather than an
 alternative to it. Copyright rests first with Viveka. Further
 requests for information to The Viveka Foundation: 25-C DDA Flats,
 Shahpurjat, New Delhi 110 049, India, Tel: 91-11-2649 2473 / 2649
 7586, india@v..., viveka4@v...

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