Re: social relations and macro-economic phenomena

From: Phil Dunn (pscumnud@DIRCON.CO.UK)
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 16:20:43 EST

>Here is a link to a recent paper that contains the argument.
>The wage (more precisely the wage interval) is an exogenous parameter to the
>model, which is why I remain open-minded on this issue.
>The abstract is appended.

Hello Ian

As Paul Cockshott said, it is an impressive paper.  In my earlier
posts about 'Dismal Science' I was not being hostile to the science.
It was the feebleness of any possible reformist solutions that struck

On to your paper.

Historical time

Am I right that the timescale is set by the average lag of wage
payments behind hiring?

Profit rate

There is no constant capital.   Wages are paid in arrears, after
revenue is received , therefore there is no variable capital.  How
then can there be any capital?   One possibility is that there is
commodity capital which builds up during the month.  At the end of
the month it will have built up to equal the revenue amount.  Nothing
to do with wages.

On page 24 you quote an average profit rate of 80.5%.  This seems to
be a monthly rate.  Is the annual rate then of the order of 1000%?

Income Shares

I can only echo what Paul said: it would be very interesting to know
what the 55/45 wage share to profit share ratio depends on, i.e. what
do you vary to make it change?

A very stimulating paper.


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