(OPE-L) Re: _Capital & Class_ On-Line Archive

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Wed Jan 21 2004 - 08:02:03 EST

I have no association with _Capital & Class_ and -- in fact -- I must
admit that I don't subscribe to that journal (this is not something that I
am proud of) but rather buy individual issues that interest me.

An idea:
It seems to me that the _C&C_  On-Line Archive could stimulate
discussion on the list since it would allow us to easily reference and
discuss current or past _C&C_ articles *if* we all subscribed.

In addition to stimulating and enhancing discussion on the list, _C&C_
is an important journal that could use our support.

Is this is a workable and desirable idea?  Or, would it be too much to
expect everyone on the list to subscribe?

In solidarity, Jerry

> We are pleased to announce that the Capital & Class On-line Archive is now
> up and running as a part of
>  www.cseweb.org.uk  <http://cseweb.greennet.org.uk>
> The archive contains pdfs of the entire back catalogue of Capital & Class;
> over 2000 articles and book reviews. It also has a full text search
> so you can easily find articles, whether you know exactly what you are
> looking for, or just want to see what there is on a specific subject.
>  Since 1977 Capital & Class has offered a Marxist critique of global
> capitalism, analysing the important political, economic and social
> developments of our time, applying a materialist framework unconstrained
> divisions into economics, politics, sociology or history. This is now all
> available on-line to read on screen, or print out.
>  All Capital & Class subscribers have full unlimited free access. Existing
> subscribers simply go to the website and follow the instructions to choose
> username and password (or click here
> <http://cseweb.greennet.org.uk/subs.html>). Institutions have automatic
> access from within their network. If you do not already subscribe to
> & Class you can sign up on-line today at www.cseweb.org.uk/subs.html
> <http://cseweb.greennet.org.uk/subs.html>
>  More details about the archive can be found at
> www.cseweb.org.uk/newuser.html
> http://www.cseweb.org.uk/newuser.html>

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