Marx Conference in Havana

From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Wed Jan 14 2004 - 09:47:59 EST

Dear Friends and Comrades,
         Please forgive me for the impersonal nature of this note (and any
duplicate postings), but I'm just back to Caracas and am about to go into
         I'm writing to remind you about the Marx Conference, which is
scheduled for 4-7 May in Havana (with a series of events in the preceding
days). This year, the conference is scheduled to take place at the Palace
of Conventions (where it concluded last year); and the format will be 4
commissions with simultaneous translation every morning between 10-1:30
(with additional space for informal group discussions) and then afternoon
plenary sessions (also with simultaneous translation) between 2:30 and 7.
At this point, the latter (which are conceived as opportunities for wide
discussion) are in initial stages of organisation and are likely to range
over topics such as imperialism; neofascism, terrorism and local conflict;
theoretical-methodological dimensions of anti-capitalist struggle; state
and social emancipation; and class struggle and social movements in Latin
         In order to facilitate discussion, presentations in the
commissions will be limited to 10 minutes, and the conference organisers
are requesting papers of a maximum of 10 pages long (2500 words). The plan
is to translate these and to make them available in advance of the
conference on the conference website ( .
Although the precise nature of the commission groupings will depend on the
papers submitted, on the basis of the themes solicited in the conference
call and the interest already expressed we do expect, among others,
sessions that will explore the theory and practice of Che and other Latin
American actors, the modern proletariat, sustainable development as well as
others on the theory and experience of socialism. With significant
participation from South Africa and Brazil, there is also the potential for
exciting exchanges on experiences with neoliberalism in these two important
         Among the non-Cubans who have already signaled their intention to
participate in this year's Marx Conference are Samir Amin, Ricardo Antunes,
Azwell Banda, Patrick Bond, Atilo Boron, Al Campbell, Ashwin Desai, Han
Deqiang, Theotonio Dos Santos, Julio Gambina, Pablo Gonzalez Casanova,
Marta Harnecker, David Harvey, John Holloway, Lau Kin Chi, Istvan Meszaros,
Leo Panitch and Emir Sader.
         If you are thinking about participating, you should check the
conference call on the website and should contact Jesus Garcia Brigos,
Coordinator of the Academic Committee, with your ideas about a paper (if
you wish to present one) at as soon as possible. To
be able to focus on discussion, the sooner that papers are received, the
sooner they can be made available to participants.
         Hoping that we'll see you in Havana for May Day and the Marx

         in solidarity,

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