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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 08 2004 - 08:56:28 EST

There's an interesting graph in this article:

showing the history of recent unemployment rate in Venezuela, and how it 
spiked upward around the coup to overthrow Chavez and then again around the 
lockout.  It is also seems to show that the rate is come back down to where 
it was when Chavez began his present term of office.

Regarding another article,

offers an interview with Deborah James who is 'the Fair Trade Director at 
Global Exchange and has recently become a close observer of the changes 
happening in Venezuela'.  She says of Chavez

"He was the only head of state at the World Summit on Sustainable 
Development that came and addressed the civil society groups. I was very 
impressed by that?that he would come down to our space and contact us and 
share his thoughts and answer questions about what was happening in 

and goes on

"We [Global Exchange] met him and said we said we were Women for Peace and 
we were organizing to prevent the war against Iraq. And he said, ?we would 
love to have more women for peace in Venezuela. You should see the war that 
is being waged against my administration and against the revolutionary 
process we are trying to develop?the oligarchy and the media are organizing 
this terrible media war against the revolutionary process.? And so I came 
in May for the first time, right after a WTO conference in Mexico City and 
have been, since the very first moment that I got off the plane, more than 
impressed, kind of overwhelmed with what?s been happening here and with the 
people that I?ve met."

Later in the article she states,

"Venezuela put itself forward as the number one ally of the social 
movements. When you consider the fact that stopping the FTAA is 
collectively the number one priority of the social movements of the western 
hemisphere, Venezuela has really put itself out there as the number one 
ally to stopping the FTAA. It?s a really important alliance that has come 


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